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The warm weather seems to be here to stay in Quebec. Some of you may have already purchased a watercraft to enjoy the lakes in the region. No matter what type of boat you choose, it is important to make sure you have the proper protection.



Some of you may be surprised to learn that in Quebec, boat insurance is not mandatory. However, having insurance when you own a watercraft is necessary. It covers not only your boat, but also your civil liability when you are on the water. It is important to note that although some homeowners insurance policies cover boats, there are many conditions that must be met in order to provide this coverage and very few boats meet these criteria.

Just like your car, you can choose to insure your boat in several ways. The basic coverage covers your civil liability, which means that by choosing this protection, only the property damage and bodily injury that you cause to others will be covered. You can also choose to take a protection that covers your civil liability as well as the damage that could be done to your boat. In addition to these protections, many companies offer additional insurance products such as emergency towing, pollution clean-up costs, wreck removal costs, rental costs for a replacement boat and many others.

Tips from an adventurer

Before my departure, some precautions are necessary to make my boat ride as pleasant as possible. First, I check the weather conditions for the duration of my ride. Showers, high winds, thunder and lightning are indicators that I will unfortunately have to postpone the ride to another day. Instead, if a nice warm day is on the horizon, I prepare by planning my trip. By analyzing a map and checking the dangerous areas to avoid, I establish my route in advance and communicate it to someone I trust.


In order to be well prepared to face different problems, I make sure to have a small emergency kit in my boat with the necessary items. It includes a whistle, a first aid kit, a life jacket for each passenger, a nautical chart, a water bottle, non-perishable food, binoculars and a flashlight. 

Here are my tips and tricks to get the most out of my watercraft.  Have a great adventure!

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