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To prevent the theft of your vehicle

A vehicle theft is often random, but some tricks allow to prevent and limit the occurrence of these incidents. Here are some simple things I do on a daily basis to protect my car.    

Steps to take

Of course, the first thing I check is that my doors are locked and my windows are up, even on hot days. The same is true when I'm only going to be gone for a few minutes. Whether you are leaving for a few hours or a few minutes, leaving the keys in the ignition increases your chances of being targeted by criminals.

When I go out or run errands, I try to park in an area that is generally busy and visible. I also never leave shopping bags, gifts or valuable personal items in plain sight. It is best to leave them in the suitcase. 

Since my car is more likely to be stolen, I have installed a reliable anti-theft system. Some insurers even offer a discount when you get this kind of protection. A simple search on the internet will tell you which vehicles are the most stolen in the province this year. I invite you to consult the list of the most stolen vehicles in the province this year:  

The smart key is also a danger for car theft. Thieves are now able to pick up the signal from your key and amplify it, allowing them to start your car without difficulty. To prevent this from happening, I always keep my keys away from the window. There are also pockets and boxes that cut the radio waves emitted by the keys..  

Lately, I always keep my registration certificate and proof of insurance with me, not in the glove compartment, to prevent the thief from claiming ownership. 

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