Use of the vehicle

Personal vehicle used for work

In auto insurance, the use you make of your vehicle is one of the important factors on which the insurer bases itself to establish your insurance premium. You are asked this question when issuing a contract. However, if your situation changes during the term, it is essential to inform your broker. A so-called “personal” use is characterized by private use of your car. For example, going back and forth between work and home, running errands for your household, etc. Using your personal vehicle as part of your professional activities represents professional or commercial use of your car. For example, if you use your vehicle to visit clients or if you do delivery or transport for others, your use goes beyond the personal usage.  

Inform your insurer

Your insurer should be aware of how you use your car. When declaring your activities, expect to provide information such as your total annual mileage, that reserved for your professional activities and the type of merchandise and tools that you transport or deliver. Depending on your activities, your broker will be able to offer you coverage that is better suited to your needs. 

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