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For a safe swimming experience

With the increasingly hot summer weather, many policyholders have opted to install a pool. Whether insurer, because depending on the nature of your professional activity, it may assess that the risks are too high to be linked to your home insurance policy. So your insurer may refer you to specialized business insurance instead.or above-ground pool, it's important to make sure your insurance policy haf coverage. 

In fact, damage to pools, spas, outdoor saunas and their equipment is generally excluded from your insurer's basic policy. The same goes for damage caused by freezing or thawing. So, if you acquire a pool or a spa, I advise you to add a specific endorsement that will adequately protect them.

The question is : how do you find your way around ?

The in-ground pool

The in-ground pool is part of the cost of rebuilding your building. It is therefore essential to inform your insurer of this new acquisition. Most insurers offer an endorsement that covers risks including freezing and thawing. However, other insurers offer insurance forms that cover in-ground pools outright.

Above ground pools

The above ground pool is never part of the reconstruction cost of your home. I always advise new owners of an above-ground pool to get a special endorsement that will cover damage to the structure, the liner and the equipment. Also, if your pool is older, this endorsement will take into account the age of the pool to establish the maximum coverage possible. In this case, it will be up to you to judge if this protection is still necessary.


In any case, it is imperative to secure the premises adequately to avoid unfortunate accidents.


On that note, enjoy your swim!


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