Gosselin Courtiers d'assurances granted Elite Employer Certification by Soluflex:

Committed to Excellence in Human Resources management

It is with great pride that we at Gosselin Courtiers d’assurances achieved the prestigious Employeur Élite certification from Soluflex! This recognition speaks to our ongoing commitment to excellence in human resources management.
This distinction, awarded by Soluflex, is a result of our ongoing engagement to energizing our team and promoting a company culture focused on the well being and professional development for all. As an Elite Employer we are committed to providing an inclusive work environment that is both stimulating and equitable, where each member of our team can grow and attain their full potential.
This certification also highlights our committment towards exemplary practices in human resources management. It rewards our efforts to place human resources at the heart of our company strategy and assures us that our practices adhere to the highest standards in the industry.
In our role as an Elite Employer, we engage ourselves to continue our investment in the well being and development our employees. We firmly believe that being an energizing force to our team will assure our long term success, and it is our ambition to maintain the norms of excellence established by the Elite Employer program.
At Gosselin Courtiers d'assurances we are proud to be among a group of elite employers that have prioritized their human assets. This award is the recognition of our devotion to our employees and of our ambition to create an exceptional work environment where everyone can succeed.
We wish to warmly thank Soluflex for this distinction and are engaged in ongoing efforts to promote a company culture focused on wellness and professional development. Together we will continue to build a promising future for our employees and our company.

To learn more about our company values please watch this video: 


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