Civil liability resulting from damage caused to vehicles of which named insured is not owner.

This endorsement is not well known to the general public, but it is part of the additional protection groups offered by most automobile insurers. The Q.E.F. 27 covers you in the event of an at-fault accident with a vehicle you do not own. This endorsement applies only in the case of an at-fault accident. In the case of a not-at-fault accident, the damage caused to the vehicle will be covered by the vehicle owner's insurance.
The FAQ 27 endorsement can be useful in many situations. For example, when you borrow a friend's vehicle, when you need to pick up a courtesy car while your vehicle is in the garage, or even when you rent a car while traveling in Canada and a part of the United States continental.
There are some things to consider when adding this endorsement to your policy. First of all, even if you have this coverage on your policy, you have the choice of whether or not to use it in the event that you are responsible for a loss. Depending on the situation, the vehicle owner's insurance may be able to handle the claim. This endorsement is not only available on passenger cars, it can also be added to policies for recreational vehicles such as motorcycles and recreational vehicles. The endorsement is subject to a limit on the amount of insurance. It is important to check this limit when borrowing or leasing a car.
To take advantage of endorsement 27, you must meet certain conditions such as having custody of the vehicle at the time of the loss, the damage must have been caused to a vehicle for which you had custody, and it must not have been caused to a vehicle you own.

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